Zeolite Solutions

Clinoptilolite Zeolite is a unique and versatile mineral that is useful for many different industries. From larger scale clean up to your pet’s litter box, Zeolite is a powerful substance.


Zeolite Feed Solutions for mycotoxins.


Oil Field Waste Solutions

Zeolite can play an important roll in oil field waste clean up.


Sports Turf Infill

Crumb rubber alternative infill.


Pure Nature Pets

Environmentally beneficial pet products.


Putting Nature to Work

IDA-ORE Inc. was established in 2005 as a family owned business for the purpose of mining and processing Zeolite. The company conducts mining operations for Zeolite on twenty-five hundred acres in southern Idaho and processes the ore east of Boise. The current mining site holds thousands of tons of material and is only one of many accessible deposits positioned for future development.

Ida-Ore Mining LLC is a Zeolite mining and Product Development Company, dedicated to exploring ways Zeolite can benefit industries and the environment.

IDA-ORE mines and processes Zeolite for sale in many different markets and conducts studies for product development, additional consumer benefits, and research for new applications. Product distribution and sales efforts are based on proven knowledge of the properties of Zeolite considering impact on the final buyer. Understandably many potential applications exist for Zeolite but IDA-ORE pursues product distribution of scientifically proven applications which support the company’s strong ethical stance.

Our motto of “Putting Nature to Work” is developed on a passion to protect the environment by using organic mineral products to change the way businesses’ control, convert, and contain harmful substances relative to specific applications in numerous industries. Ida Ore pursues product development and distribution in numerous industries such as Cattle Feed Supplements, Waste Cleanup, Soil Amendments, Water Filtration, Ethylene Filtration, Dust Control, Heavy Metal Cleanup, and Pet Odor Elimination Products.

Ida-Ore is located in Boise, Idaho and takes pride in marketing products and services that are scientifically proven and beneficial to society. The company is focused on supporting environmentally-friendly solutions and welcomes partnerships, joint ventures, and active participation in socially responsible initiatives. For more information, e-mail requests to info@ida-ore.com, or use the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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