Zeolite and Storm Water

Zeolite can play an important role in meeting the pollutant reduction goals for the filtering of storm water and storm water runoff that contains soluble heavy metals, nutrients, ammonium, hydrocarbons, and even some organics. Zeolite is a natural granular product that is screened to various sizes depending on the application or required water flow for each project. The open inner honeycomb structure allows water to flow through granules and the ion-exchange abilities allow it pull out and bind with pollutants as they flow through the zeolite, separating them from the storm water.


Ida-Ore’s Clinoptilolite Zeolite is available in numerous mesh sizes for your filtration needs. Generally the smaller the granules, the slower the flow rate through the system with a longer contact time but higher the back pressure on the system. Past projects typically have utilized the Zeolite Sand, Zeolite Medium, or Zeolite large granules.

Bio Filtration is a pollution control process that uses a series of live plants, trees, and shrubs to naturally filter water runoff and soak in water to reduce the quantities of water that will need treatment. Bio-filtration is an effective method to both reduce the volume of surface runoff and provide treatment to the runoff that does make its way to drains or bodies of water.

Many strains of Zeolite use mostly sodium oxide to reach their specified level of Cation Exchange Capacity. Ida-Ore Zeolite is a little different, the Zeolite from the Sheaville deposit that Ida-ore mines from uses 5% Potassium Oxide, 1.5% Calcium Oxide, 1.3% Sodium Oxide, and .3% Magnesium Oxide to reach the specified level of around 200 meq/kg CEC level. Please see our spec sheet below for more detailed information including a full chemical makeup and priority ion-exchange of compounds.

Available mesh sizes include:

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Terminology Mesh Range Inches Range Millimeter Range
Kitty Litter 3-7 mesh .25″ down to .11″ 6.3mm down to 2.8mm
Medium 7-14 mesh .11″ down to .055″ 2.8mm down to 1.2mm
Sand 14-40 mesh .055″ down to .016″ 1.2mm down to .42mm

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