Zeolite Media for Swimming Pool Water Filtration

Zeo-Clear is an all natural Zeolite granular filtration media that improves water clarity. It is used as a direct replacement for common silica sand found in many pool filters.


  • Improves Water Clarity
  • Traps particles and ammonium ions that cause eye burning chloramines
  • Reduces need for chemical shock treatments
  • All natural
  • Improves filtration



  1. Rinse and Clean filter tank, always remove and inspect laterals at this point to prevent damaged laterals from allowing media to enter your pool
  2. Fill 1/3 of filter tank with water, this step is important to protect laterals from damage while filling with Zeolite
  3. Install pea gravel or chat to top of the laterals (see chart below)
  4. Determine amount of Zeo-clear needed (note: 50 lbs of Zeo-Clear equals 100lbs of sand in volume, 25 lbs equals 50 lbs in volume)
  5. Fill tank with required amount of Zeo-Clear
  6. Return distributor or stand-pipe to proper position. Check air vent tube and exterior piping for proper operation and cleanliness.
  7. Start filter in backwash mode to remove dust from media, backwash until water is clear. Turn off filter pump and allow media to settle. Repeat backwash and rinse cycles 2 or more times.
SPECIAL NOTE – Zeolite may require up to 3 times more initial backwashing than regular silica sand or glass, take extra care at this step to prevent future issues with cloudiness caused by ultra-fine particles

(Note: Dual Filters often use gravel in the filter bed. Always consult filter manufacturers literature for proper gravel specifications and media bed depth. Zeo-Clear Zeolite replaces sand at same bed depth.